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Balkan Trafik Festival, Brussels at Bulgarian Time

Balkan Trafik Festival, Brussels at Bulgarian Time

Don’t miss this latest edition of Balkan Trafik! with Bulgaria in the spotlight. This annual festival has set the standard high thanks to the quality of its programming. As always, there will be an abundance of music, dance, films, workshops, foods and smells. It is uniquely set up to encourage proximity, new encounters and warmth.

Balkan Trafik! It’s been twelve years since this famous festival first started celebrating the cultures of southeastern Europe and their relationship with Brussels, the European capital. This year’s programme proves that the festival is constantly reinventing itself to match the dizzying pace of change in the Balkans.

Balkan Trafik! will let the next generation of artists taking over the cultural and social scene take to the stage. Modernity has arrived in the Balkans in the guise of an urban music explosion (discover more with The Urban Project) and the voice of protest shared by groups such as Dubioza Kolektiv, a famous Bosnian group known for their militant lyrics. Other participants express their modernity by reinventing and reviving tradition, like the Belgian group Wata Wata, the singer Eda Zari and her amazing musicians, or the legendary Hungarian group Mitsoura.

You will discover some real cultural gems, some of which feature on UNESCO’s list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, such as Albanian iso-polyphony, Martenitsa bracelets (celebrating the beginning of spring), polyphony, and the traditional Kukeri carnival in Bulgaria.

Balkan Trafik!
19-21 April 2018
BOZAR, Brussels
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